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LDS Sites

LDS.org - The Official website of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. Absolutely free with no login. Contains digital copies of The Bible (KJV), The Book of Mormon, Doctrine and Covenants, and the Pearl of Great Price. You may also browse an ever-growing library of all church publications, including the Ensign and General Conference talks by church authorities.

The Maxwell Institute - A website dedicated to LDS and Non-LDS religious scholarship. Site includes resources published by FARMS.

FAIR - The Foundation for Apologetic and Information Research. Apologetic site dealing specifically with LDS issues and research.

Mormon.org - Very accessible site geared towards educating non-members on LDS beliefs, lifestyles, and answering common questions asked by non-members.

Mormon Newsroom - Keep up on the day-to-day activities of the LDS church.

LDS Bloggers

(Gay) Mormon Guy - Absolutely fascinating blog about a faithful member of the LDS church who lives with same-sex attraction. Always insightful views on life in the LDS church, from an often over-looked perspective.

The Mormon Organon - A BYU Biology professor writes about science and the LDS church, especially regarding evolution.

Mormanity - A Mormon blog, but not just for Mormons. Jeff Lindsey, apologist and author, writes about LDS life, Book of Mormon issues/evidences and life in general as an American living in China.


Jydee said...

Congratulations. An important site.
I am a recently retired Gynecologist and a Christian..

I couldn't find any referrals on your site to Werner Heisenberg , Louis Pasteur, Wennherr von Braun to name a few theistic scientists.

I started my medical studies durng 1965 when DNA knowledge was still infantile.

I observed the development of the genetic code and the the increasing emphasis on the so called non-coding DNA as an atheistic tool. Recently and suddenly more and more evidence is emerging that “junk DNA” is not so junk after all.
The more I discovered about science the more respect Heisenbergs's observation : " The first gulp of the mug filled with natural sciences leads to atheism but at bottom of the mug God was waiting." ( My own translations which I presume to be coser to the original German than the ordinary English translation). MY MOTTO IS IF YOU DIFFER FROM HEISENBERG YOU DIDN'T REACHED THE BOTTOM.

(Heisenberg was one of the important creators of Quantum physics )

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