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Saturday, March 17, 2012

Church Volunteerism

I recently posted an infographic representing the results of a recent study on LDS church members which gave some statistics about their lifestyle, including volunteer work. One reader wondered how much of those numbers were part of regular church activities, such as Home Teaching and Visiting Teaching. At the time, I could only guess, but last night I stumbled on this article, also by Mormonnewsroom.org, on Church Volunteerism.

Also, it just happens to have another infographic!


jenheadjen said...

hahaha! These are great! Now, the question is, is this per lifetime, per year, or per week? (I assume it's per year, but funny that it's not in bold like the rest.) Thanks for sharing!

(Sorry if I spam your comment threads too much.)

jenheadjen said...

Ok, nevermind. Just caught the "annual" word at the top.

Cristofer Urlaub said...

You can never comment "too much". Even getting negative comments is pretty much the highlight of my day =P.

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