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Thursday, April 12, 2012

The Six Ways of Atheism

A guy named Geoffrey Berg wrote a book called The Six Ways of Atheism (which is a pretentious reference to Aquinas' Five Ways).

This book was easily one of the most absurd books ever published, by anyone, on the philosophy of religion. A press release about the book stated, "For the first time in human history multiple, absolute, valid, logical, simple disproofs of God's existence have been published."

Because no one has ever written a book questioning the existence of God?

It also claimed that "this should be 'The End For The God Concept'."

Here is a list of links to each of the six ways and a look at some of the problems with each.

  1. The ‘Some Of God’s Defining Qualities Cannot Exist’ Argument
  2. The ‘God Has No Explanatory Value’ Argument
  3. The Aggregate of Qualities Argument
  4. The ‘This Is Not The Best Possible World’ Argument
  5. The Man And God Comprehension Gulf Argument
  6. The Universal Uncertainty Argument

Oh, wait. Maybe it's satire...


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